Over two-and-a-half successful decades of clambering up the corporate ladder has been my story so far, that is, a career in sales and marketing – business development, market research, budgets, presentations, costing, pricing, team building, mentorship, and training. However, I've finally found my niche ... to do something that has always been and still continues to be my irrepressible passion ... being a guitar player as well as a mentor.

I've been in the business of playing the lead guitar for well over 30 years now and hold the hard-earned reputation of playing across different musical styles, genres, and destinations. As a result, I am fairly acclaimed among the professional guitar-playing fraternity.

My musical expertise is built on the solid foundation of formal learning plus numerous man-hours spent in practicing, playing, and performing across a wide repertoire of musical styles. Acquired traits include a penchant for perfection and excellence, with a total disdain towards anything mediocre. However, beyond all these, I truly enjoy and appreciate the innate passion and freedom which (I believe) only music can provide.

Besides other proven accomplishments, I've long been associated at the top-notch professional levels of playing live concerts and gigs for a motley mix of bands, spanning a variety of categories, styles, and genres. A few of them are noteworthy – click on   'Bandography'   for more details.