LEGENDS (Coimbatore)

As common to most band beginnings, my first band was formed in college (way back in 1982), which later matured into a professional outfit, performing at clubs and events. The band covered a variety of genres including rock, pop, blues, and funk. Over the years, the band had built up a huge repertoire of songs that could last until the wee hours!

THE AFTERMATH (Coimbatore)

Formed in the late 80s, this band ventured into classic rock, progressive rock, pop, blues and funk. Besides live performances at colleges and events, 'The Aftermath' was popular among the hotel and club circuits. Even after 2 decades, the band members still converge from different corners of the world for reunion jams, reliving the yesteryear euphoria!

ZEUS (Calicut)

The crooner of this band was part of the judging panel at one of the 'beat contest' shows at Calicut (Kozhikode) in 1984. Our college band won the 1st place at the event, when this judge met me backstage to invite me to play for his band 'Zeus', which was known for its classic rock repertoire. Playing with an exceptionally talented line-up (including studio session hands), my stint with 'Zeus' was thoroughly enjoyable, covering loads of 'Santana' tunes complemented by the percussion section, while I also discovered my weakness for seafood !


Formed around the mid-80s, most of the musicians in this band were from 'Zeus', while the front man of this band ventured into writing 'original' music. Playing at colleges and events the band made its mark for its original material!

BURN (Chennai)

Formed in 1990, being a part of this band was undoubtedly the most amazing experience. Apart from sharing the stage with a definitive line-up of awesome musicians, the bond and camaraderie shared among the band are still evergreen. With a rock-solid 'foundation' provided by a prodigiously talented keyboard player and fronted by one of the best vocalists I have ever played with, in the early 90s 'Burn' was touted as one of the country's hottest and most sought-after bands that covered an eclectic range of styles and genres!

STONECOLD (Bangalore)

Founded by the drummer, this band hosted some of the country's best talents, which included 2 really impressive crooners. Covering various genres of rock, from classic rock to hard rock to glam rock to progressive rock, the band showcased some very versatile drumming skills. In the mid-90s, the band was a hot favorite at rock shows, college fests, and events, and performed at several cities countrywide!

BANNED (Chennai)

In chains and black leather, known for its on-stage capers, the 'Banned' was a name to reckon with in the hard rock/heavy metal category of bands in the early 90s. With a very eyeball-grabbing, audience-interactive, true-Brit-accented front man (sporting a pirate's eye patch, at times), this band had carved a niche for itself in the identified genres. While showcasing one of the most stylish crooners, the band performed covers from a vast variety of hard rock/heavy metal bands, displaying some mind-boggling talent on the drums and guitar sections!

DRAVIDS (Bangalore)

In the mid-90s this band belted out some great stuff, covering heavy metal bands from the 70s till the late 90s. The twin-guitar attack was something that the audience would always look forward to, while the drummer would roll out syncopated/ odd-time-signature beats with so much ease!

KAYA (Bangalore)

Armed with a very wide-ranging repertoire of musical styles and genres, and popular for their self-styled rendition of yesteryear jazz and modern blues, playing guitar with 'Kaya' was like a breath of fresh air. While the founder/crooner/front woman remained a constant mainstay, the line-up of this band has been pretty dynamic, nevertheless having some brilliant musicians onboard at different points in time. Kaya has always been a favorite among the pub/club circuits in Bangalore!

CITY LIMITS (Bangalore)

Having gained popularity as a backing band for a celebrity songstress /theater personality, being a part of this band brought out the versatile side in me, which demanded playing different styles on the guitar, also filling in parts of other instruments on the guitar! The line-up of this band featured musicians from various other bands, and playing alongside turned out to be fun! While stepping out of the shadow of a backing band, the band established an identity for itself and went on to perform gigs!