Founded by Sanjay Chandrakanth, Stringdom aims at not only bringing you the benefits of music but also demonstrating its power, by way of giving guitar classes. Guitar playing could be taken up as a pastime activity, a performing art, a stress reliever, an entertaining endeavor, and so on and so forth. Keeping these in mind, the carefully conceived and customized lessons are taught in a phased manner – addressing absolute beginners, those with a smattering of guitar music, and even those who are already guitar players and intend to move forward.

If you are looking for an exciting musical hobby that is simple to learn and amazing to play, then you must take up playing the guitar. Guitar playing is something that you can immerse in whenever you want, either with your friends or even by yourself!

As you may probably be aware, playing the guitar is one of the world's most popular relaxation and entertainment hobbies, largely because learning to play this instrument is really not very difficult. This is one of the main reasons why millions around the world play the guitar, to either unwind or enjoy its unmatched pleasures.

You too can pick up the guitar and play some of your favorite songs in no time, if you just stick with it and practice for a short while every day. If you have the interest, then half the learning is already complete!