Group Learning in 3 Easy Levels
My proprietary 'Learn to Play the Guitar' Program is an out-and-out self-endeavor. It's a one-of-a-kind approach that unfolds the art of guitar playing, and is conveniently classed under 3 levels:
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
     The Program offers lessons for the 'wannabe guitar player' with the basics taught in a classroom style using computer-aided digital notes and visuals. Considering the varied genres, preferences, acumen, and interest levels, a 'one-level-suits-all' program would be top-heavy and possibly attempt to pack in too much information, hence the 3 separate levels that aim to demystify the magic of the guitar world.

     In all probability, you could be one of those serious types driven by a deep-seated dream and a passion to become a rock guitar player, maybe a head-banging air-guitaring dude, or the kind that just wants to strum and hum some favorites, or simply relax with the 6-stringer after a hard day's work, or even longing to play guitar just for kicks! Well, it really doesn't matter. The 'Learn To Play The Guitar' Program has been carefully conceived, created, and customized as well as structured on a need-based flexible and modular platform, and thus meets all these diverse requirements.

     Besides actual lessons, you can also get some awesome tips (e.g., how to get over the usual start-up hitches) and gain majorly from my wealth of experience and expertise. These are hard-to-find snippets, which no book can teach you. Rather these are my very own personal knowledge sharing that I will hand down to you myself!